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Southwest Mechanical Services has been installing and servicing Geothermal Heat pump systems in San Antonio and South Texas area since 1994. We have the most experienced staff in design and installation of loop and duct systems and our service department staff is known state wide for their expertise in all Geothermal systems.
Geothermal heat pump systems are the most efficient air conditioning systems available. The efficiency ratings range from 16 to 30 EER. (Equivalent seer=20 to 37). These ratings are achieved by using the constant temperature of the earth rather than the unstable outdoor air to remove heat from your home in summer and heat your home in winter. Since the Earths temperature is a constant 70 degrees in South Texas, this allows us to remove heat at a faster rate than 95 degree air.

Geothermal systems cost twice as much as a conventional a/c system to install due to specialized equipment and the loop system that has to be installed to give the system its efficiency. The loop system is usually 1 loop per ton of cooling required by the system design. Each loop is 250 feet deep and all loops are connected together by Thermal Fusion, this will insure no leaks will occur. All pipes are buried and will not be visible by the homeowner.


Considering all of the expertise needed to install a system, its no wonder so few A/C contractors are qualified to install geothermal systems correctly. When you make an investment into a geothermal system, you want to make sure the system is installed by a qualified and certified company like Southwest Mechanical Services. If you have questions or need a quote please contact us.